WARNING: SEXUAL HARASSERS STILL WORK AT USF! Dr. Catherine Wilkins Protects Them and Creates False Evidence / Alibis For Them.

WARNING: SEXUAL HARASSERS STILL WORK AT USF! And Dr. Catherine Wilkins Protects Them.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins protects sexual harassers at USF. (Assistant Dean at Judy GENSHAFT Honors College)

Dr. Catherine Josephine Wilkins is yet another reason why USF doesn’t take USF sexual harassment seriously enough, and lets USF sexual harassers go unpunished and keep their jobs to sexually harass USF employees and USF students again.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins actively lies and creates false documents to protect USF sexual harassers, protect USF careers, and protect USF reputations.

Dr. Wilkins makes false alibis to conceal her own involvement and to avoid accountability for herself and sexually harassing male supervisors.

Dr. Wilkins reads her male USF supervisor erotic and pornographic s*x stories as her male USF supervisor masturbates to her voice.

Dr. Wilkins fills her own USF work computer with s*x stories and sexual images from her male USF supervisor.

USF male supervisor uses USF computers, USF time, and USF resources for writing and posting s*x stories and sending, viewing, and harassing female USF employees with p*********y and nude images.

USF male supervisor’s hobby is to write s*x stories, then sexually harass female employees, and ask female USF employees to read his s*x stories as he masturbates.

Male USF supervisor uses his own USF work email to sexually harass USF female employees and students. (DAVID BRODOSI of USF)

Dr. Catherine Wilkins protects by lying, deleting evidence, and stopping abuse reports concerning this “masturbating / s*x-story-writing” USF male supervisor.

Dr. Wilkins conducts a coverup for her sexually harassing male supervisor (and herself) that lasts many years.

This sexual harassment protection is dangerous for female (or any) USF employee and USF student.

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