Violent Murderer and Pedo Kidnapper Erick Bouaziz is a serial child rapist in Toronto Canada

Erick Bouaziz in Toronto Canada is a serial pedophile s*x predator who loves married women with kids because this way he not only wrecks their marriage but Erick Bouaziz also has access to their kids. Erick Bouaziz also loves vulnerable single mom with young children! If anyone Googles the name “Erick Bouaziz” aka. “Erik Bouaziz” of The Academic Addiction in Toronto Ontario Canada, plenty of news media site links come up with stories about Erick Bouaziz being charged with several counts of aggravated sexual assault, abuse of trust, forcible confinement, kidnapping, making and distributing child p0rnography, etc. Erick Bouaziz’s police mug shots are all over the internet! In court, this serial child s*x predator Erick Bouaziz pleaded guilty to several counts of sexual assault and various other serious criminal charges, all sexual offenses. He is facing a lengthy jail time, especially given that Erick Bouaziz anally raped a 9 year old boy (one of his victims) and many young kiddie boys and girls under 10 years old just the way he likes them! Erick Bouaziz is a despicable person; he is a sexual deviant! Erick Bouaziz is a notorious douchebag Toronto club promoter who runs a scam drug rehabilitation service called “The Academy” which is a total sham. He has been spiking the drinks of girls and taking advantage of girls and many young boys at Toronto clubs for a long time now. Finally this monster Erick Bouaziz has been caught. S*x Monster Erick Bouaziz’s phone number is: (416)-991-3230. Good riddance to this crook Erick Bouaziz!!!

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