Sean Crane – Albion Park, NSW, Australia

This ugly man is a liar, cheater, and a terrorist supporter. This no-hoper radical supports flag burning Muslims who want to kill Americans. Sean Crane is an anti-American wannabe terrorist who lives in New South Wales, Australia.

Sean has a homely “sucky-sucky” girlfriend from the Philippines, because he can’t get or keep a woman in his own country. He likes her being there, so he can cheat on her with any hopeless drunk, junkie loser he does get lucky with.

Nobody likes him, because he is so filled with hate!

This bludger claims to be a farmer and a laborer, but has all the time in the world to be online, harassing good people.

Sean Crane is a piece of s**t who needs to be put on blast! He’s a vile, evil scumbag!

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