Sccit Aka Jeremy Maimon Is A Culture Vulture & Entitled Clown

Hey guys I thought I would inform you all about Jeremy Maimon or as he likes to be called Sccit. This d******d is a Egotistical a*****e with no sense of himself. Sccit has been around since the Myspace days and has just be annoying as ever. This ugly weird looking son of a b***h wants to be a rapper , yet does everything within his power to be perceived as more than what he truly is.

For example, this clown has been exposed on numerous message boards such as the Siccness, and elsewhere as fraud and f*****g clown. Given how Egotistical he is he even wrote his own biography which is fill with lies.

To make it worse he acts as if people owes him something. And this is mainly because his ugly a*s is Jewish. So there goes that entitled privilege.

He also tries his best to play Gangsta online , but was singing another tune when he was dox and his sisters pictures were found. This muthafucka actually posted a site wide open apology. Lol. Clown

Also it’s been rumored that this dude talks to teenage girls on Instagram. And I have PROOF that this is true, because someone who’s credible already has stated how you tried to dm her pictures of your “lil toddler p***s”. I’m sure this closeted racist has use the N-Word before

This b*****d has mental issues. And for the record yo music’s sucks

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