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Posting a cheater online has never been easier!  Simply list your name (You may use an anonymous name), the cheater’s name and tell your story!  Be sure to include as many details about the cheater as you can as this will help search engines find and index that information.  You may also attach up to 2 images of the cheater.

By submitting this form, you agree and attest under penalty and perjury of law that you are allowed by law to submit and publicly post the images attached to this post.  You also agree that Cheaters Caught Online can and will not be held responsible by any person(s) name(s) associated with the post that you are submitting.  You understand that Cheaters Caught Online is protected by the the Communications Decency Act, 47 U.S.C. § 230(c)(1) and can not be held responsible for the content that you post.

By posting a cheater on our website, you understand that the post you are submitting will live eternally on this website.  It will never be removed for any reason.

Special Reasons for removing posts

  • A Court Order is issued by a Judge to Remove it – Which by constitutional law can never happen
  • A Post is made where as the person reported is under the age of 18 years old.  If proof is provided that the person posted on this site is underage, we will remove that post immediately.

Once your post is submitted to Cheaters Caught Online, it will be live on our website within 1 – 24 hours.  Generally, your cheater post will be live within an hour or so.  Please be patient as we must field all posts for duplicates and spam.  We appreciate your patience and thank you for posting on Cheaters Caught Online.

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