Kalene Halldorson — Kelowna, Canada

Here she is again, nasty Kalene Halldorson, stupid, inflated and filtered. She’s always fishing for attention and likes, working her way up to cheating and P4P. It’s already happening in the background, she works her big mouth for presents and trips. She’ll always need clean panties for the dirty work she does, and pepsi and more pepsi. Halldorson dresses like a cheating floozy and says, f**k you. If you don’t like it don’t look. The hooters are for displaying, to advertise that she’s available . If you’re looking and she’s not interested in you, she might cause a scene. Glancing is okay but don’t lick your lips, unless she wants you to.

3 thoughts on “Kalene Halldorson — Kelowna, Canada”

  1. fuckyou says:

    This doesn’t even make sense. Atleast chose a pick where her t**s are showing if that’s apparently all she wears 🤣🤣

  2. Kalene says:

    This is 100% false information written by a jealous gf of a huge MISTAKE I made over a year ago. Grow up and get the f**k over it

    1. Taryn ;) says:

      Ya kalene this wasnt me lol. Also you’ve made a lot of mistakes.. why you think it’s just me? Trust me I’m long over you and your games so. Ya?

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