Johna Poe — Pevely, Missouri

This is Johna Poe and she sure is penguin (Poe’s Penguins). She waddles like one atleast. Just look at her shirt F is for F****D UP which is what she is. She couldn’t keep her legs shut so she got knocked up by some random man and her husband Kevin Poe raised the little b*****d and they don’t think anyone is the wiser. Thats why Kevin’s mommy had to do most of the raising of Isabella because Kevin was always drunk and Johna was too ashamed of her sins. Shame on you Johna…is that why you keep eating? Out of guilt? Nastttyyy. Get that mole removed that you passed on to your other hoe daughter. You nasty and so is she with a new man every week and tell her to pull the cameltoe out of her softball uniform. Gross.


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