Jeff Brickett Jeff 53

Met Jeff tonite from tinder. His talk was more appealing than his actions. After a few drinks and waiting for his friend to show up, it was awkward. I searched this man and after reading how many posts there are. Ladies there are so many men that are better than this below average man. Unfamiliar with what you see in a semil balding, substandard man. Ladies raise your bar. I definitely know that the bottom feeder in this man is nothing to tell my friends of. Ya’all can continue your fight. If you need the hotel key. Ill let you know where i threw it.

4 thoughts on “Jeff Brickett Jeff 53”

  1. Pass says:

    He was contacting me last nite for. Retry. Thats a soft pass. This man had issues. Extremely active on tinder. Nsa.

  2. Notice says:

    Sandra Janet Robinson of 132 Wayfair Street, Weirton, WV: You already know that lying to the police and falsifying statements is a crime and punishable by law. You also have made a recorded, written public statement as to your knowledge of slander and libel. You are to stop all contact, harassment, stalking, ALL communications (electronic or otherwise,) with Jeff immediately.
    I urge you genuinely to seek the professional help you need in order to overcome this extremely unhealthy obsession you have with causing Jeff harm, torment, harassment, defamation of character (both personally and professionally,) slander and all other unhealthy acts, activities and thoughts you might suffer. You are to stop contacting his work, his family, friends, acquaintances and any and all other parties. You have already been told to stop on multiple occasions however,
    consider this public notice demanding you cease and desist ALL communications (electronic and otherwise,) and illegal behavior immediately and permanently.

  3. Not a fwb in Canada says:

    Met him tonite in his hotel in Canada. Definitely not worth the time It took for his v****a to take effect. Don’t waste your time. He is definitely not a fwb in my book.

  4. Fwb, maybe if he can preform says:

    All talk no show. Maybe a little less bourbon will give way to a little more….lets just say it definitely was a soft pass. His tinder account is a total joke. He told me he doesn’t date much. He apparently is familiar with many on cheating sites from all all around various states. Now wonder his phone dings and his pill bottle gets more action than his friend. Fwb hardly. He’s definitely no friend if mine.

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