Corey Moore – Daytona Beach, Florida

Corey works at Starbucks off Atlantic Ave and attends the University of Phoenix. His fat a*s mother Marie works at Bed Bath and Beyond in Kissimmee and thinks hes a f*****g angel and is in total denial. His father Richard aka D**K works at Siemens and is a homophobe and a bigot. Both of them are bible thumping idiot republicans that think their son can do no wrong. What they dont know is that Corey is a dirty camwhore that goes by the name CumOnCorey. He lets black thugs f**k him in the a*s without condoms and he sucks them off during live public pornographic webcam shows on a site called iFcams to earn tips. He is a real life c*m dumpster and has AIDS and a gazillion other STDs from all that n****r d**k. He will cheat on you with these random strangers while dating him so THINK TWICE!!!!!!!

His facebook is and his cell is 407-205-2632. His boss at Starbucks name is Myriam she usually works morning shifts during the week. I wonder if she knows hes probably giving free b******s to every guy that orders a f*****g cappuccino? Maybe hes f*****g skanks that order coffee too who the f**k knows. My blood is literally boiling over this c**k sucking f****t. I pray to G*d he didnt give me HIV or coronavirus or WTF else he might have!!! Please share and REPOST this on social media (add hashtag #CoreyMoore) so all his friends, neighbors, employers, and family will see what a piece of s**t he is. Ruin this m***********s life so he wont ruin anyone elses.


5 thoughts on “Corey Moore – Daytona Beach, Florida”

  1. Corey says:

    This is illegal revenge p**n and not protected under the Communications Decency Act. I kindly ask that you remove this post since it is libel and nude photos posted with malicious intent. Thank you.

  2. wtf says:

    thats just cruel. id have to f*****g kill myself if someone posted s**t like that about me. holy f**k.

  3. Kim Yo Jong says:

    This boy is the one that brought CORONAVIRUS to the USA! Corey Moore was in CHINA for a 100-man BUKKAKE G******G p**n scene on December 10 2019. Corey was tied to a table and F****D by dozens of depraved s*x starved ASIANS. Afterwards they dragged him naked covered in their STD INFECTED S***N through the streets of the Wuhan wet market as part of their country’s shaming ritual. Corey flew back to Washington state on the SAME FLIGHT that a man contracted the VIRUS and was later admitted to a hospital on December 19 with CONFIRMED COVID19!!! I FIRMLY believe Corey was INFECTED from that G******G and spread it in the USA! Being only 23 Corey never showed symptoms and likely recovered before he even knew he had it. BUKKAKE IN CHINA:

  4. Beth says:

    Wowwwww just reading this gave me a small anxiety attack. That poor boy! Some people are really cruel. 🙁

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